Print by Mali Draper and Dan Waine
24/04/21 - 07/05/21
Our latest postal exhibition explores the multi-faceted collaborative practice of Mali Draper and Dan Waine. In response to the cancellation of OUTPUT’s gallery-based exhibition programme, the two Liverpool-based artists have devised a number of innovative ways to experience their work, both from the comfort of your own home and outside in the world.

The artists have created a print, pictured above, for our postal exhibition programme. The design brings together images and text from a wider project which explores a fragmented narrative through immersive sound design and storytelling. The print is a two-colour risograph produced by Granby Press.

In addition, the artists have procued a Sound Walk using the app Echoes. Through this app, sound works can be accessed by visiting specific locations in Liverpool's Princes Park, outlined on the map below. Each soundscape within the sound walk has a speech transcription and audio description.

Detailed instructions on how to use the app can be accessed here.

These fragments tell the story of a character who spends an evening trapped on an uninhabited island, isolated from the mainland which remains visible across a body of water. A recurring focal point of the narrative is a mysterious red light which ignites the narrator’s curiosity, and pulls them through a progression of lingering, dream-like moments.

“The moments from the night on the island are disjunct in the way that they sit in my head. Actually, on second thought they don’t sit, they bounce.

    I sat on the edge of a wall that surrounded a car park. The sky was much darker by this point, even the clouds were indistinct. They had dissolved into the indigo inkiness that hung above me. The red lights revealed themselves once again.

On, two, three, four, five, six, seven, off...”

Together, Dan and Mali make work that navigates feelings of otherness, and the space between the literal and metaphorical. They work with text, sound, performance, film and installation in a fluid, overlapping way that is reflective of their collaborative working method, which involves sending each other small, isolated pieces of writing and sound. The sounds they use may be recorded / found sounds, or created digitally. They are mixed and recycled into textural soundscapes, ambient backdrops for narrative, where recognisable sounds find strange new contexts.

During initial planning of this project, the artists hoped to stage workshops in the gallery where visitors could learn about the techniques and software used in immersive sound design. As this is not possible, they have created a list of resources and a pack of audio samples which are available online - please click here to access.

Listen to the OUTPUT Gallery Podcast interview with Mali & Dan using the player below or read a transcript here.

Click here to access the archive of Montez Press Radio, where there is a recording from 27th August 2020 in which Mali and Dan present a mix of soundscapes and spoken word, as well as discussing their original proposal to OUTPUT Gallery and the challenges of 2020.

Location photographs below by Carl Dyer.
Print by Mali Draper and Dan Waine
Postcard with map and instructions
Map route
Echoes app guide
ECHOES app on phone screenECHOES app being used in Princes Park
Print (detail)
Print (detail)
Print (detail)
Print (detail)