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20/12/18 - 23/12/18
For our final show of 2018, we have invited The Offy to end the year with a bit of a Christmas fair. The Offy is a collaborative project by Gregory Herbert and Linny Venables that sells one-offs and limited edition merchandise at affordable prices. Their aim is to support artists, through developing saleable editions that include images designed or supplied by the artists.

Here, The Offy are launching a new collection of screen printed t-shirts with artworks designed by Corey Bartle-Sanderson, FoodSketz, Joseph Hulme, Kate Hodgson, Leo Fitzmaurice & Radical Womxn’s Dance Party. The exhibition is also acting as a ‘Best Of’ to display and sell items produced for The Offy so far, including artist designed embroidered patches and Blackpool rock with riso-printed labels.
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How and why did The Offy begin?

Linny: We started The Offy after a conversation around artist editions. We like the idea of using the images, designs, stuff, artists already have, whether it’s from research, an image on their phone or a meme.

Greg: We were interested in looking at how merch for artists could help sustain a practice, that’s why after costs, we split the profits made with the artist and use our half to fund the next project.

How does The Offy go about selecting artists to be involved?

Linny: We usually select artists that are linked to the location or space where the event is being held.

Greg: For this installment of The Offy we wanted to select artists that were associated to Liverpool.

What are your plans for The Offy moving forward?

Linny: We want to continue making one-offs and work with even more artists. Maybe a range of car air fresheners.

Greg: Maybe socks.
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