20/10/22 - 23/10/22
For one week only, artists and cultural magpies Howard Ashley Storey & Honey Storey present a glimpse into their shared practice; the ongoing collage project STOREYBOOKLAND. In the Storeys’ work, artists, musicians, actors and characters from history (living and dead) explore a landscape of mid-20th Century pop-cultural artefacts, retro-futurism, home furnishings  catalogues and satanic sleaze. These works use playful and witty juxtapositions to celebrate the aesthetics of bygone eras while questioning the hidden narratives driving culture, and paying tribute to the figures who shaped the artists’ unique aesthetic. Close inspection will reveal fictional film posters, magazines and other modified elements within Storeybookland which deepen its fictional world.

Originally constructed from materials from the Storeys’ own archive, these collaged works are scanned, digitised, colourised and embellished with luminous paint, foil and other printed materials. The meticulous constructions recall the work of Peter Blake or Richard Hamilton, with blown-out psychedelic colours and a narrative density which is all their own.

Honey Storey arrived in the UK from America in the early 1990s. She has curated many successful art and photography exhibitions alongside such luminaries as Klaus Voorman, Mick Rock, Astrid Kirchherr & Robert Whitaker. Howard Ashley Storey is an artist from Leeds, Yorkshire who has been resident in Liverpool for 25 years, and has been involved in numerous projects and installations in this time, including Imperium Robot Army at the Kazimier, and Mould and HEAD (with Mellowtone) at Tate Liverpool.

In addition to chronicling the 1960s through his artworks, Howard has his own direct connections to the icons of this time, as the subject of drawings by Klaus Voormann, legendary cover artist behind The Beatles’ ‘Revolver’ sleeve. You can see Howard drawn in the guise of the original cinematic vampire Nosferatu on the cover of the recent 50th anniversary issue of the German edition of Playboy magazine here. Voormann explains; “...there are various types of crazy creatures on this planet. My friends Howard and Melissa from Liverpool are two of them. The gave a Nosferatu doll to me. The cover sketch illustrates Howard in hospital, indulged by a pretty nurse.”

Instagram: @storey_book_land_art

Please join us for the exhibition launch on Thursday 20th October from 6-8pm.