Installation view - Amelia Bridge
07/10/21 - 24/10/21
The OUTPUT Open is a regular part of our gallery programming - an opportunity to present an overview of creativity in the region through the practices of a group of emerging artists. The OUTPUT Video Open presents the work of Olayka McKay, Cos Ahmet, Craig Sinclair, Colette McDonald & Amelia Bridge.

These artists, who are all at different stages in their career, will showcase the breadth of skill and invention that our region’s art scene can provide. While the artists were not selected with any theme in mind, much of the work has clearly been shaped by experiences throughout recent lockdowns, sharing a strong sense of place and an interest in the imaginative possibilities of this unique period in our history.


Cos Ahmet’s multidisciplinary practice focuses on the relationship between the body and materiality, explored through sculpture, installation, video and performance. His works examine how the body intervenes with a material that changes its language with each contact attempt. His material objects are frequently activated, and as a result, reflect upon the conditions under which the body performs sculptural gestures, turning the works he creates into choreographic objects. Created during the first lockdown, ‘Curious Being’ links to Cos’s preoccupation of disappearing into his work. Examining the erasure of the human subject, this work focuses on how the body could disappear, potentially becoming the mechanism for creating a new type of being. The object - made from survival blanket material is loaded with its own connotations of protection, which drew Cos to creating something that would contain him, and all at once, change his whole being.

Instagram - @cos__ahmet
Website - www.cosahmet.com

CONTENT WARNING: This video features a frank discussion of child sexual exploitation.

Olayka McKay (b. Liverpool) works across many different fields including events, Youtube, content creation, editing, workshops, e-sports, clothing, and influencer relationship collaborations with brands such as Pandora, Beach Riot, PLT, and Robert Taeiner, Nasty Gal and Louisa Ballou. McKay is now starting a safe community for people of all backgrounds to connect through gaming.

Instagram - @_Olayka
New community page - @OjuniOfficial


A recent graduate from Liverpool JMU’s Fine Art programme, Colette McDonald is interested in exploring translation; between languages, time periods and human to machine. For this exhibition she is presenting a piece titled ‘How To Generate Nostalgia’ which explores the construction of memory and speaks to how our use of social media and handheld video has irreversibly altered the way we process events and the world around us.

Website - worksweatwork.cargo.site

Craig Sinclair is an artist, film-maker and performer whose work deals with themes of nostalgia, grief and domestic perceptions of reality. His darkly humorous visions are realised using a combination of film, oil pastels and watercolour paints. For many years Craig was best-known to the alternative Liverpool scene as the lead singer and ringleader of cult avant-pop act Lovecraft, but in recent years has diversified his creative output in new fields. He is the co-founder of Fright Wig, a comedy horror theatre troupe who have performed around the UK; and in 2021 released his debut comic book Sprout, which fuses a hypnotic blend of styles to a tragic fairytale of neglect and abuse. Sinclair currently studies Fine Art at Liverpool Hope University.

Instagram - @mistercraigsinclair
Website - www.craigsinclair.co.uk

Amelia Bridge is an artist who makes creative non-fictional outcomes across video, text, and painting. She creates art based on her own life and the lives of the people around her, weaving reality with story-telling and different atmospheres. For this exhibition, she is showing ‘water under the bridge’ a short video made in 2021. It presents a compilation of videos she has taken over the years of water across the world, with animations that obscure the footage, and text on top that reflects on life before the world stopped in 2020.

Instagram - @ameliabridge22
Video still - Craig Sinclair
Installation view - Colette McDonald
Installation view - Colette McDonald
Video still - Olayka McKay
Video still - Cos Ahmet