26/06/21 - 16/07/21
OUTPUT is pleased to present an exhibition by Hassnat Sikander, whose work explores the emotional and psychological impacts of cultural enforcements. Hassnat uses text, collage, spoken word and sound to raise awareness about injustices towards women and the mental health issues that are often neglected within traditional communities.

For this exhibition Hassnat has produced a two-sided print which navigates her feelings of loss, grief, struggle and hope - sign up below to receive a free copy by post. Pictured below, the print contains a QR code which links to online sound works, which combine ASMR-style readings with ambient audio collage. Alongside this, we will be sharing a series of animations, digital collages and texts through our social media channels.

The artist explains; “I have always used my art as therapy, a way of releasing all my feelings into the open so they may float away and it often resonates with someone in some way, I don’t mean to pass on my trauma or struggles through my artwork and I have found that it is a beautiful moment where one can connect with another on an emotional level.

‘Punkjabi’ is a new movement I created, and it started as a reaction to women being silenced all the time and my frustration towards a culture that silences women at every opportunity. When someone always gets told to shut down and to silence their opinions they usually harbour a burning desire to let it out, it’s almost like the whistle on a pressure cooker screaming and saying I am about to explode. That is what my art does for me, it’s a way in which I release all the pressure that I get passed down and turn it in to texts and collages, I know that I have to do this because if I don’t I will explode and I don’t really want to explode, I want to speak without a care in the world because who’s gonna stop me? I am in control of what I say, what I think and how I feel... even if it’s just when I am creating art.”

Sikander first exhibited at OUTPUT in 2018 under the name TANSSAH, and we are delighted to welcome her back as part of our ongoing commitment to support  emerging artists in the region.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-992787119

Listen to the OUTPUT Gallery Podcast interview with Joseph using the player below or read a transcript here.

Print by Hassnat Sikander (front)
Print by Hassnat Sikander (front)