Close-up of print by Golden Harvest
03/12/21 - 16/12/21
OUTPUT is proud to present the work of Golden Harvest Industries as the latest in our series of postal exhibitions. For close to two decades, under a variety of aliases, Golden Harvest Industries has been a staple of Liverpool’s left-field underground as an illusrator, performance artist, musician and voice of radical discontent.

Sharing a name with an obscure kung-fu movie collection and one of India’s leading healthcare equipment import/export businesses, the creative output of Golden Harvest Industries is hard to google, and much of it sounds like a joke or urban myth when you try to explain it to people - a combination of Chris Burden and Vic Reeves. However, if you were present for Car On The Dancefloor, Kayfabemania, or Sounds From The Other City 2015; if you have witnessed the all-out sonic assault of Bodies On Everest or if you follow @necrobutcher187 on twitter you might have some idea of the indefatigable creative energy and unique sense of humour that have guided Golden Harvest Industries’ work.

Consistent throughout all of this has been GHI’s drawing practice, which resembles the work of Raymond Pettibon if he worked for Viz. Full of raging id, the drawings depict leather-clad muscle-men, weird sex, intense violence, mutant creatures straight out of 80’s schlock-horror, iconic childhood favourites being demeaned and destroyed, and scrawled text with a surprising undercurrent of emotional depth.

The artist himself explains;

I've been drawing for years. It's all I really like doing besides maybe walking. If you rank the joy I get out of any particular activity, next would be the fruit machines, then laughing at people, and finally losing the plot and swearing. In that way, I don’t do it for anyone else.

This is Robocop with lawnmower blades for hands causing utter shit, to say it has any grand message beyond it being extremely fun and outrageous to have drawn would be stretching the truth. Sometimes that's what this is for, sometimes I need a sit down, often, I need a sit down and a laugh. That's why I pull up a stool on the fruit machines.

Instagram - @goldendelabankrolls
Twitter - @necrobutcher187

RCORPOBOP print by Golden Harvest Industries

like going out dont you, seeing things, going in places

going for breakfast, mm lovely, lovely breakfast ive

just gone for mmm try this place for breakfast mm ooh

theres a couple of things on later tonight ive got

a few things I need to do before about 1 then i'm going to

have a sleep til the evening so i'm clear for the night

ahh ooh got the brochure here ooh ey wow look at this

look at all the stuff, theres places here and theres

some here and wow its all interactive god look its so

immersive, its an immersive experience! john look

an immersive experience, you like those dont you look

we're in it wow god ive just scanned a QR code fuck me

and some lights are going off, god and oh my god is this

a neon sign oh my god hahahaha yes oh my god look its

a neon sign and its a big fucking stupid model of something

shove all of it up my giant arsehole john! get all of the

immersive experiences and the neon signs and the net art and

the sculptures and the breakfast up me anys john the lot of it

oh my god please john all of it nooooooooo fuck me nooooo aaarghhh

hahaha yeeees theres stalls here john aaaarghhhh noooo yeeeeees
Close-up of print by Golden Harvest
Close-up of print by Golden Harvest
Golden Harvest sketchbook pageGolden Harvest sketchbook page
Golden Harvest sketchbook pageGolden Harvest sketchbook page
Golden Harvest sketchbook pageGolden Harvest sketchbook page
Golden Harvest sketchbook pageGolden Harvest sketchbook page
Golden Harvest sketchbook pageGolden Harvest sketchbook page
Golden Harvest sketchbook pageGolden Harvest sketchbook page