Leo Fitzmaurice
Postal Exhibition May 21 - June 3
Physical Exhibition from June 11
Liverpool-based artist Leo Fitzmaurice (b. 1963, Newport) presents a new film that is ten years in the making. In “Circus Goes Around” (2020) Fitzmaurice has edited together photographs of hundreds of circus posters he has spotted in urban and suburban environments, set to classic circus march music.

This film can be viewed below or in our gallery space from June 11th.

The artist writes; ‘Quite a few years ago I started noticing circus posters and became interested in the way they were displayed. I decided to start recording them wherever I travelled and after a period of time became aware of a shared language of display amongst them. What struck me is that the arrangements themselves seemed to be acting as a kind of performance. When I saw the photographs all together they made me laugh, they engendered a feeling of energy and action. I thought of clowns and acrobats. That led me to the idea of using the classic circus theme as a soundtrack.’

Fitzmaurice’s practice reaches across medium and interest but often begins with the same approach. He says, ‘My work most often starts with a simple observation from my everyday life. I record these observations in whatever way is to hand; a voice message, a photograph, or a scribbled note, and then I leave these things to suggest a way forward. This process can sometimes be fairly instantaneous or in other cases it can take many years. I just try to let the initial impulse have its own life, and find its own way, leading me to the eventual form.’

One of Leo's photographs of a public display of circus posters has been turned into an exclusive A3 print on silk paper stock reminiscent of that which is used for the posters themselves, with a Q&A with the artist printed on the reverse.

To learn more, please check out the latest episode of our podcast here, an interview with Leo covering this project and his wider practice. A full transcription is available here.