Haven of Aves game zine
21/01/22 - 03/02/22
The latest OUTPUT postal exhibition is a collaboration between artist David Blandy, writer Gabrielle de la Puente and illustrator Harriet Burns.

Lost Eons: Haven of Aves is a table-top adventure game or TTRPG - a way of playing a game by speaking a story outloud, best-known to most through the Dungeons & Dragons franchise.

Working with students at the Liverpool School of Art and Design at Liverpool John Moores University, Gabrielle de la Puente and David Blandy have created a future vision of Liverpool after climate collapse, an avian world of haves and have-nots that eerily echoes our own. The artists and participants have created a new setting for David Blandy’s Lost Eons table-top roleplay game.

Recipients of this postal exhibition will recieve the Lost Eons: Haven of Aves game booklet, which details the history and lore of this expansive fictional universe, and contains detailed instructions on how to play the game; and a double-sided print featuring Harriet Burns' illustrations of the game's world and characters.

Blandy's practice uses video games, role-playing strategies, film and installation. In doing so, he often works with communities that surround each of these forms to critically examine culture and how it shapes identities. Through his diverse work, he explores the potential of world-building for creating new communities and critically interpreting the environment around us.

Website: davidblandy.co.uk / Instagram: @david_blandy_

Gabrielle de la Puente is a writer. She co-runs The White Pube. For the last two years she has primarily written about video games and the intersection of art and gaming.

Website: gdlp.co.uk

Harriet Burns is a creative practitioner living and working in Liverpool.

Instagram: @it_is_wa_it_was

Lost Eon: Haven of Aves has been made possible thanks to the generous support of Arts Council England.
Print by Harriet Burns showing winged figure
Print by Harriet Burns showing fantasy buildings and seascape
Close up of Harriet Burns drawing
Close up of Harriet Burns drawing
Open pages of game zine with colourful dice