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We launched the OUTPUT gallery podcast in response to the COVID-19 lockdown and this weird time afterwards when many people are not out and about visiting galleries but still want to engage with artists and their ideas. We will be adding more podcast episodes all the time and these will be a mix of interviews with exhibitors, thoughts about our local art scene here in Merseyside and much more.

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Please find podcast episodes, information and transcriptions below:

EPISODE 6: Interview with The Singh Twins

OUTPUT gallery works exclusively with creatives from or based in Merseyside. For this episode, we speak to Amrit and Rabindra Singh who are known in the arts as The Singh Twins. Two of Merseyside's most iconic artists, we are excited to have them in the gallery where they'll be exhibiting 'THE MAKING OF LIVERPOOL,' a 13 minute animation about the city's history. In this conversation, we discuss their background with art, the problems they faced with education, their inspirations, processes, and the work they're exhibiting at OUTPUT.


Artists: Amrit and Rabindra Singh / @thesinghtwins_art / @thesinghtwins / singhtwins.co.uk

Jingle: Michael Lacey / michael-lacey.co.uk

EPISODE 5: Interview with Gold Maria Akanbi

OUTPUT gallery works exclusively with creatives from or based in Merseyside. For this episode, we speak to Gold Maria Akanbi, a neurodiverse British-Nigerian multidisciplinary artist. Akanbi showed as part of group exhibition OUTPUT OPEN 2 last year and now returns for a solo show of painting work that fills and covers the walls of the gallery. In this interview, we discuss lockdown, art and the state, searching for nirvana, healing through the process of making, and the new exhibition at OUTPUT which is open from September 3 - 27 here in Liverpool.

Artist: Gold Maria Akanbi / @goldmakanbi / @metallicnuance

Jingle: Michael Lacey / michael-lacey.co.uk

EPISODE 4: Interview with Chila Kumari Singh Burman

OUTPUT gallery works exclusively with creatives from or based in Merseyside. For this episode, we speak to Chila Kumari Singh Burman (b. Bootle, 1957). The first half of this conversation looks at her relationship to the city, her education between Southport, Leeds and the Slade School of Art, and her family's ice cream van. Then, we discuss her exhibition at OUTPUT gallery and each of the films she has included in a showreel of moving image work from her Dad acting in 'Kamla' to montages of ice cream iconography and artwork that seeks to readdress the image of South Asian women. Her exhibition is on from August 6-30, but if you cannot make it down to the space or you are shielding, we hope this podcast allows you to engage with Burman's work and ideas from afar.

Artist: Chila Kumari Singh Burman / chila-kumari-burman.co.uk / @chilaburman / @CKburman

Jingle: Michael Lacey / michael-lacey.co.uk

EPISODE 3: Interview with Lo Tierney

In this episode of the OUTPUT gallery podcast, we interview freelance illustrator Lo Tierney. For their exhibition at OUTPUT, titled ‘Spectrum,’ the artist presented portraits of autistic people, including a self- portrait of the artist themselves. 'Spectrum’ is an ongoing body of work that aims to bring people together and start a conversation between people with autism and allies. ‘What advice would you give on coping with autism? And what makes a good autism ally?' There is space in the show where visitors can contribute their thoughts, which will be gathered and formulated into illustrations and a zine.


Artist: Lo Tierney / loistierney.com / @lotierneyart

Jingle: Michael Lacey / michael-lacey.co.uk

EPISODE 6: Interview with Joseph Cotgrave

OUTPUT gallery works exclusively with creatives from or based in Merseyside. In this episode, we interview exhibitor Joseph Cotgrave and learn about his relationship with art, the exhibition he did at OUTPUT and the thinking behind it. Earlier this year, Cotgrave transformed the space into a nightclub with sculptures, music, a smoke machine and sticky floors. He wanted to use the exhibition as a way of opening up conversations around the culture of the gay scene, chem sex, and the stigma surrounding HIV.

Artist: Joseph Cotgrave / josephcotgrave.co.uk / @josephcotgrave

Jingle: Michael Lacey / michael-lacey.co.uk

EPISODE 1: Origin Story

OUTPUT gallery works exclusively with creatives from or based in Merseyside. Established in April 2018, it has worked hard to raise the profile of local artists and provide exhibition opportunities for its scene. In response to lockdown and the potential for less visitors to shows now that the gallery has re-opened, OUTPUT's Gallery Manager Gabrielle de la Puente has began a podcast series to allow audiences to continue engaging with artists and their ideas even if they are not able to make it down to the space. Following on from this initial episode on our Origin Story, the OUTPUT gallery podcast will be a series of interviews with exhibitors on their work, process, exhibition at the gallery, and also their experience of being part of the art scene in Merseyside.

The Origin Story explains in detail how OUTPUT came to be: from the manager's background in criticism running The White Pube to Invisible Wind Factory's hopes of injecting some lively temporary projects in the Ropewalks area of Liverpool. The podcast covers how the space's local remit was decided, it's funding journey, and what it hopes to be in the future.


Host: Gabrielle de la Puente

Contact: outputgallery.com / output@thekazimier.co.uk / @outputgallery

Jingle: Michael Lacey / michael-lacey.co.uk

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