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ROOTed Zine
January 24-February 3

Despite Liverpool’s history as a significant port during the slave trade, its black population is often overlooked - which is especially true in the arts. For this exhibition, ROOT-ed Zine will programme a historical update for OUTPUT by presenting three black women artists, all of whom have featured in their publication.
Ivy Kalungi is a Ugandan and Northern Irish artist working in sculpture and installation. She has curated exhibitions, has been commissioned by SoundCity, and was selected for the Liverpool Independents Biennial last year.
Abeni Sheen, also known at Yumiaba Art, is an abstract painter with a practice that spans over a decade. Her work is now coming to OUTPUT.
Kiara Mohamed, who showed with us for OUTPUT OPEN back in November, works across form. Her work has featured in bidolito, the Independents Biennial, and she was the artistic director of 2018 film Black Flowers which was screened at Tate Liverpool and the British Museum.

Please find the full press release here.
Installation shot with Kiara Mohamed projection and photographers, Abeni Sheen paintings and Ivy Kalungi Sculptures
Ivy Kalungi sculptures
Abeni Sheen paintings with plants under a spotlight
Kiara Mohamed film
Kiara Mohamed photographs at OUTPUT
Abeni Sheen painting
Abeni Sheen painting
Ivy Kalungi sculptures and light
Ivy Kalungi sculptures

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