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OUTPUT's current programme is running from now until November, check it out here.

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Katherine Dereli at OUTPUT
Yasmin Ali < currently >
Katherine Dereli
amber akaunu
Amber Akaunu Belvedere Academy
Lucy Jane Smith
OUTPUT OPEN 2 Lucy Jane Smith
Bo Tsang paintings
Gina Tsang exhibition info
Gina Tsang
Mark Leckey exhibition
Ivy Kalungi sculptures under spotlight
ROOTed: Ivy Kalungi, Abeni Sheen and Kiara Mohamed
Art Club visiting Kevin Casey exhibition Tshirts on sale for the offy exhibition
Kevin Casey
The Offy
Michael Lacey exhibition
Radical Womxn Dance Party at output
Michael Lacey
Radical Womxn's Dance Party
Group show OUTPUT OPEN
Group show by the Bluecoat volunteers
Beyond the Blue
John Davies photography exhibition
Sorcha Boyle commission for Liverpool Irish Festival
John Davies - Saving Calderstones
Sorcha Boyle
Sean Vegezzi
Michael Lacey album playback
Sean Vegezzi curated by Sunil Shah
Michael Lacey (album playback)
John Waters films selected by Alec Tronik
Kate Cooper interview with Gabrielle de la Puente
Film night with DJ Alec Tronik
Kate Cooper
TANNSAH performance
Danielle Waine installation
TANNSAH Danielle Waine
Kazimier X CGI projection of old venue

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Kazimier X

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